DeaMet GHT-200 & GHT-100

COARSE FILTER BARRIER for high temperature curing ovens to prevent fouling of product surface

DeaMat GHT200 & GHT100

  • Self-extinguishing according to DIN 53438-F1
  • 100% SYNTHETIC
  • Excellently suited for application in paint finishing curing ovens of all kind as well as air     
    handling systems processing hot air flows between 100° and 240°C
  • The FHT-SERIES are designed to be able to operate at constant high temperatures up
    to 180°C (FHT-100) and 240°C (FHT-200)
  • The FHT-SERIES are constructed to suit different arrestance and pressure drop levels at
    two different filtration classes G3 and G4.